the rockwells
Independent Singer/Songwriter duo
The Rockwells, is comprised of Karisa Rogers (lead vocals, piano) and Richard Hernandez (guitar and backup vocals) Originating from Western Massachusetts, we bring a little piece of New England to Nashville. 

We have performed together for nearly 3 years. Although our roots are planted in country music, we love to dabble in classic rock, and other genres as well. Originals have become a big focus over the past year. We are primarily a duo, but often perform with a variety of talented musicians. Karisa and Richard both write individually and together and are open minded in this area. We welcome the opportunity to network with other writers.
Over the years we have performed everywhere from small town local bars and restaurants to the big stage, opening up for acts such as; Craig Campbell, Swon Brothers, Lucy Angel, Kalleigh Bannen, Austin Webb, and more...
We love our roots, but felt it was time to dip our feet into what Nashville had to offer, and more so what we could bring to Nashville. In 2016 we made that leap.  Our goal is to bring originality to country, but still stay true to the older styles of yesterday.