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  1. Someplace Else
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It’s been way too long, all my love, it’s already gone, I spent all my nights falling apart everyday, always in the dark
Honey Ya know I love ya with all my heart,
I seen it all, I had enough, so I gotta get movin’ on

I don’t need to remind ya, you already know, I’m the only one who fought hard enough, And it pains me to say I’m leavin’ , You drove me to this, I can only try so much and before I lose myself being under your spell, I gotta find someplace else

I’ve been dragin’ your weight, far too long,
it’s hard holdin’ on, And I woulda’
saw the signs everytime but I turned a blind eye So I decided to take a chance, grabbed all my things, I took a stand, I hit the road, never to see you again!